Brian Mendenhall
Chicago, IL 60622

SUMMARY: I am a self-motivated autodidact with over 20 years experience working in the computer industry, specializing in Linux but comfortable with any OS and middleware between them. I am both detail oriented and big picture minded, which allows me to move freely and coordinate with the many different departments necessary to design, build, and maintain large, complex systems. Linux is my OS of choice, but have developed for and/or managed Windows, BSD, OS X, and Solaris in a plethora of heterogeneous environments.

October 2012 - Present	Metacloud (a Cisco company since September 29th, 2014)	Los Angeles, CA/Chicago IL
	Cloud Operations - Systems Administrator III
Design, build, manage complex custom OpenStack cloud environments for fortune 500 companies.
Provide patches/develope python code for OpenSource software.
Provide 24/7 on-call support in a rotation with other admins/engineers to meet customer SLAs.
Created a netconsole daemon to capture OS panic and/or BUG output aggregated within a customer Availability Zone.
Automated customer Availability Zone capacity report.

March 2004 - July 2012	University of Southern California	    Los Angeles, CA
	HPCC - Systems Programmer IV
Expanded existing cluster of ~300 nodes to current 2775 nodes.
Performed bi-annual hardware/software upgrades of cluster. Technical lead since 2009.
Performed bi-annual linpack benchmark for community listing on
Created a dynamic, database-driven, HPC project accounting application.
Performed daily cluster maintenance, basic node diagnostics.
Took over administration of 10GB/1GB ethernet network
Created automation tools for common tasks/cron jobs.
Created log analysis tools for problem identification and resolution.
Performed evaluations of competitive commercial clustering software (PBSPro, Torque 4.0, Moab 6.0).
Performed hardware evaluation for integration into local infrastructure prior to large hardware purchases.
Provided research community access to common 3rd party software that runs on clusters: Gaussian '03, Matlab 2011a, Mathematica 8, FDTD, Intel Compiler suite 12, GNU GCC, mpich-1.2.7..7, mpich2-1.4.1, etc.
Helped design, build, and staff a 20' x 20' booth at SuperComputing conventions every year from 2004 until 2011.
Provided 24/7 on-call support for HPC services.
Provided Certificate Authority verification services for USC Certificate Authority.
Provided detailed support for Scientists to perform their work on HPC systems. Help them create an efficient work-flow that takes advantage of the different aspects of our cluster (myrinet, local /tmp, PVFS /scratch file-system, NFS home and project directories, etc)
Helped scientists install, configure, and execute the necessary software / tools required to perform their work, examples include CellProfiler, ImageJ, limites exposure with Apache Hadoop, mostly helping with network discovery and configuration, SVN, etc

1996-2004	Sprint/Interliant/Sage Networks/G.E.N.	FL., GA., MA.
	Systems Engineer / Technical Integration Engineer
Supported a small web-hosting company and built it up to the point of selling the company, and moving with the platform/customer base.
Designed and implemented technical integrations of smaller web-hosting companies.
Designed and implemented an automated provisioning system for web hosting platforms supporting Linux and Windows APIs.
Designed and built-out custom complex web presence solutions.
Designed and built AAA network administration server for Cisco switches using TACACS+/Perl.
Instrumental in planning and implementing several data-center migrations.
Helped maintain a network of over 2000 web servers.
Designed and implemented a complex MySQL/PHP/Perl DNS administration utility for enterprise deployment to support staff.
Taught classes on SMTP/POP3/IMAP for customer support staff.
Taught classes on DNS/Bind for customer support staff.
Developed and provided simple support tools for diagnosing common webhosting problems.

Extra Experience:
Torque, Maui, Qbank -  cluster resource, scheduler, and allocation software.
xCAT - eXtreme Cluster Administration Toolkit
NIS - supported a large YP/LDAP/Kerberos single login authentication realm.
rdist - kept common files synced across machines of similar build/OS.
CIFS/Samba - workstation file-system sharing/integration between windows/UNIX.
Instrumental in planning and implementing several data-center migrations (1997-2007)

Have recieved many commendations for excelling in customer support, always going above and beyond what is expected.

I am loyal and dependable.
I have never missed an on-call event.

References available upon request.